Best Pilates Centers in Vernon [BC]

📍 Symmetry in motion

  • Name: Symmetry in motion
  • Description: Symmetry In Motion Pilates is a pilates studio conveniently located in Vernon within easy access to Armstrong and Lake Country. Offering private and semi-private Pilates sessions for general health and well-being, active and post rehabilitation as well as performance enhancement. Our goal is to create the possibility for each and every client to connect body, mind and spirit and to realize the potential we all have to move our bodies through space with ease and grace. Pilates is for every body and everybody can do Pilates.
  •  📞 Phone: +16048382595
  • Direction: 3704 32 St, Vernon, BC V1T 5N6, Canada
  • Open Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Prices: Ask in Website
  • Valoration: 4.6
  • Website :
  • Opinion: I’ve been having lower back soreness for quite sometime and after a few months of pilates and core strengthening I went snowboarding for the first time in 8 years, and felt great – even the day after! Jo-Ann is a great experienced instructor and very knowledgeable about body mechanics, she customized a clinical pilates program for me and got my body moving again! Thanks Jo-Ann!


📍 Centred Pilates

  • Name: Centred Pilates
  • Description: At Centred Pilates we follow a principle of strengthening deep core muscles with balanced alignment.  This approach leads to improved posture and efficiency,expanding outward to strengthen the power muscles of the body. A well designed Pilates program improves performance, strength, and can assist with rehabilitation. It’s value is in bringing mental attention to how the body is moving and improving that experience. Pilates equipment is designed to add resistance/challenge while supporting a balanced alignment. This provides the optimal situation for deep stabilizing muscles of the skeletal structure to function, resulting in improved posture and strength gains. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive space, supporting all our clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.
  •  📞 Phone: +12505505817
  • Direction: 5657 Malim Rd, Vernon, BC V1B 3J8, Canada
  • Prices: Ask in Website
  • Valoration: 4.9
  • Website:
  • Opinion: Old stiff guy here! I cannot recommend Sean and Centred Pilates strongly enough. I have had no experience with Pilates before. I did a bit of yoga in my 20s, but that was it for stretching and contortion experience. Sean has opened my eyes to the life changing benefits of Pilates. He is patient, experienced, attuned to all individuals needs. The location of the studio is perfect, the space is serene, beautiful and calming. I highly recommend Sean and Centred Pilates it has changed my life. I feel more comfortable in my old stiff body, and aches and pains have subsided. I fully intend to continue with Centred Pilates in the long term. Thank you Sean!


📍 NeuMovement Pilates and Physiotherapy

  • Name: NeuMovement Pilates and Physiotherapy
  • Description: NeuMovement Pilates and Physiotherapy is a wellness community dedicated to help, heal, and inspire as many people as possible that we cross paths with. We commit to do this by integrating physiotherapy, pilates, massage and other movement modalities to holistically approach the body, mind and spirit of every individual who walks through our Physiotherapy Clinic doors. By raising your frequency you will experience and move through life in a new way. Energize your soul. Find your movement!
  •  📞 Phone: +12505452848
  • Direction: 5100 Anderson Way #206, Vernon, BC V1T 9V2, Canada
  • Prices: Ask in Website
  • Valoration: 4,9
  • Website :
  • Opinion: This place is the real deal ! If your looking to actually rehab or rehydrating your facia, while doing Pilates and working on those small muscle groups which support your major muscle. The team here understand the anatomy and weather you’ve engaged the proper muscles to get the most out of your workout or rehab. Love the professionalism of the staff and the studio is amazing, clean and very well put together. I say one of the best Pilates studios I’ve been to.


📍 Iron Heart Studio

  • Name: Iron Heart Studio
  •  📞 Phone: +12364264700
  • Direction: 3204 29th St, Vernon, BC V1T 5B1, Canada
  • Open Hours: 5 AM – 8 PM
  • Prices: Ask in Website
  • Valoration: 5
  • Website:
  • Opinion: Had a great yoga session here tonight. Will definitely be back for that and probably to try some of the other classes they have.


📍 The Hot Room @Studio be

  • Name: The Hot Room @Studio be
  •  📞 Phone: +17784754833
  • Direction: 3301 30th Ave #104, Vernon, BC V1T 2C9, Canada
  • Open Hours: 10:45 AM – 8 PM
  • Prices: Ask in Website
  • Valoration: 4,9
  • Website :
  • Opinion: After having my baby I was nervous to get back into this but I am soo happy I did! There’s something about the hot room that’s different from regular yoga. The energy of this studio and the teachers are truly AMAZING! I’ve travelled to Bali and had some unreal teachers and they are on that same level🙌 These classes ignite something in you and are truly life changing❤️ Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


📍 Inner Light Yoga and Wellness

  • Name: Inner Light Yoga and Wellness
  •  📞 Phone: +17789300240
  • Direction: 2807 44 Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 7P4, Canada
  • Open Hours: 8:45 AM–12 PM, 3:45–7 PM
  • Prices: Ask in Website
  • Valoration: 4.8
  • Website
  • Opinion: I have had the pleasure of attending one of Gabriela’s Sound Healing Journey and it was absolutely amazing! I could not believe how deep the sound frequencies touched me, I could feel so much energy moving through my body, and then I totally relaxed and was as if, I was in a different planet. Thank you Gabriela for your beautiful Work.


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